Tips to get the best out of your Headshot Session No 4

Tether yourself

Tips to get the best out of your Headshot Session.
Tether yourself

I always shoot tethered. What does that mean? Well, the photographer will have a laptop connected to their camera that will instantly have the photos loaded. You can then see them as they are taken on a reasonable size screen instead of the small LCD on the back of the camera.

This enables the subject and photographer to review the images together to ensure the client (you) get photos that you will love. A good photographer will empathize and invite subjects to tell them specifically what changes they want to make. It’s normal for most of us to see our face much more critically than others, and we tend to exaggerate the flaws in our minds.

There you have it, tip no 4 to help you, the paying customer, get the best out of your headshot shoot.
If you’re In Perth, Western Australia, I’d be happy to help you achieve your best look.


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