Is this really you??

Is this really you??

In my post You are your LinkedIn Profile Image I stated “What’s the point of being on LinkedIn if you are not going to show people what you really look like?”

So lets’ see some examples:

So Jane is this really you? You’ve got a Lamb in the photo! Might be part of your job but a lamb – really!!

Now Giovanni is this you? Can’t even see your face. Yeah I know the dog’s sooo cute. But do you think anyone who’s looking to recruit or hire you cares? Can’t even see your face for goodness sake!

Hey Bruce, Is this really you? Your kid’s cute and you’re probably a great Dad. But, mate this is business. You as a recruiter should know better. People want to know who you are and they will vet you well before they meet you. They want to know what you look like not your kid. Save that for Facebook!

Is this really you Baz? You with your brother or mate when you were (a lot) younger? Or is it your kids? Either way lovely picture but it has no place on as your LinkedIn profile image. Get a good one of you.

These look familiar to you?
Actually there one even worse than these and that’s this one:

Come on – nothing, really!

If you’ve got a profile image that’s not all about you and you alone, of good quality and shows you at your best and most professional, then go get one!
If you’re in Perth or coming to Perth (granted it’s a bit of challenge at the moment) I can help. Just DM me or go to


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