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Good Headshot Example

Even if I say so myself this is a pretty good headshot. Having said that like a winemaker with great fruit it wouldn’t be as good without the subject!

Plain or Natural Background?

So what’s⁠ better a background of bricks or a plain white background. Most of my clients ask for white or grey backgrounds, but the odd one ask for a natural background be it a wall a tree or a vista. What do you think?

Is this really you??

Is this really you?? In my post You are your LinkedIn Profile Image I stated “What’s the point of being on LinkedIn if you are not going to show people what you really look like?” So lets’ see some examples: So Jane is this really you? You’ve got a Lamb in the photo! Might be partContinue reading “Is this really you??”

10 Must Have Photos for your Brand No 10

Hobby and Personality Showing the world some of your personal-life interests is one of the best ways to set yourself apart. Whether that’s walking your dog, reading, listening to podcasts, getting ice cream with your kids, or gardening, it’s important to ‘open the door’ on your personal self.


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