You are your LinkedIn Profile Image

We all know that a picture paints thousand words. And we know that images are really important to our marketing particularly our online presence. Why is it then that often the one image that we really need is missing or at best average? Which image is that? An image of you When I visit aContinue reading “You are your LinkedIn Profile Image”


10 Must Have Photos for your Brand No 6

Interiors and Exteriors Having photos of your desk, interior and exterior of your business/store, or simply where you spend most of your time is a great way to provide more insight about yourself or your business. Especially. If your business is face to face. People who are planning a visit to your coffee shop orContinue reading “10 Must Have Photos for your Brand No 6”

10 Must Have Photos for your Brand No 3

Behind the Scenes The perfect way to illustrate what makes your products special and different from the rest is by having behind the scenes photos that show off what happens to create the product or service you’re selling. A potential client simply might not realize how much work goes into making the product or serviceContinue reading “10 Must Have Photos for your Brand No 3”